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Here’s some stuff I made.

(Unless stated otherwise, the executables are for Windows only)


Source code Read the docs

Third year final project realised in collaboration with several 3D modellers. Game created using the Unreal Engine.


Instructables Source code

Automated irrigation system, with programmable watering and LCD for user interaction.

Tron 2 Players

Source code

Based on the old arcade game.
Realised using OpenGL and a lot of shader work.
FrameBuffer system and HDR algorithm have been implemented.

Microbit Shooter/Avoider

Source code

One button shooter game, movements according to accelerometer.

Answer My Question

Source code Read the docs

Telegram Bot realised for an Artificial Intelligence university module. We made use of a python library (NLTK) for Natural Language Processing.

Glove Controller

Source code Read project document Watch library usage

A home-made glove controller, to enhance human-machine interaction. The controller is made by developer (me) for developers. In fact the project comes with a set of libraries I wrote that expose the device sensors to a C++ interface. More details in the doc.

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