Filippo Libardi



  London, UK


I enjoy coding and I'm a big fan of the Open Source community.
Making technology more accessible means making development quicker.


Thanks to my degree in Games Programming I have been introduced to “The art of Game Design”.
I enjoy new technologies and researching them. I always try to keep myself busy with personal projects and I love working in team.

Recently I got the chance to dive in the educational field by introducing new generations to the programming world, which is (in my opinion) a very important topic.

I am interested in any programming related job from games to finance to get my career started, I like challenges and I am sure I will find some good ones.



·         Design Pattern

·         Object Oriented Programming


·         C++

·         C#

·         Python

·         CSS, HTML, JavaScript


·         SDL, SFML

·         DirectX, OpenGL

·         Creating and Compiling Shaders (GLSL, HLSL)

·         Unity Engine

·         Unreal Engine

·         PyCharm, Visual Studio, XCode, NetBeans


·         Programming on Linux, Windows, OSX

·         Raspberry Pi

·         Arduino

·         MicroBit


·         Git

·         UML

·         Fritzing

·         Strong knowledge of Office software’s

·         GIMP









Bachelor's of Science in Computer Games Programming.
Grade: First Class Honour Degree

London Metropolitan University  -  London

September 2015 to June 2018

Module Name



Module Name



Game Design



Graphics and Imaging



Game Portfolio



Digital Toy Design



Computer Gaming Hardware Architectures



Game Portfolio 2



Logic and Mathematical Techniques



Artificial Intelligence



C++ Programming



Artificial Intelligence for Games



C++ Programming for Games






Graphics and Imaging



Prototype Development




Work Experience


ARK Putney Academy  -  London

September 2017 to Present

During my employment at the Ark Putney Academy I taught, over the course of the academic year one lesson a week, each an hour and a half long. The students attending my classes ranged from 13 to 18 years old. Some students drop the course along the way, while others took it up.

Some of the students created some basic games (top down shooter/avoider) just using the Microbit’s LED matrix and the buttons, while others actually got into the more physical side of computing and built RFID-controlled locks using an Arduino board.

During my period of employment, I found many of the students very passionate, despite most of them having no experience with programming and computer science computers more generally. It has been a massively satisfying to see them improve their skills and succeed in doing something new every time.




London Metropolitan University  -  London

September 2017 to July 2018

The “Peer Assisted Student Success” scheme is an initiative which sees students in their second or third year assisting on selected module’s lessons with the module leader. The success coach’s duty is to assist previous years students on topics already covered by the module leader.

My employment at London Met as a Success Coach has been a very positive experience and I have managed to gain a lot of both technical and non-technical skills.

Assisting teachers in teaching subjects I have studied in the preceding years has reinforced my knowledge by pushing me to go and review certain topics and fill in any gaps, but more importantly it has greatly enriched my debugging skills when it comes to facing program errors.


Micro:bit Educational Foundation  -  London

June 2017 to September 2017

The MicroBit Foundation was launched by a coalition of the BBC, ARM, Microsoft, Nominet, Samsung, and the Institute of Engineering and Technology.

The foundation created the Microbit device and donated it to all students from year 7 in England and Wales. It also committed to running sessions in schools on how to use the device via the set of tools that has been released with it by.

During my short time at the Foundation, my duties included getting familiar with the Microbit Device, studying its capabilities and preparing material for the mentioned lessons.


IT Consultant

Dream I.T - London

June 2015 to October 2016

During the time I spent at DreamIT ldn, I met great people and I've had the honor to see the company grow from scratch up to when it has a full team of young people from designers to business directors. Weather it was for a hand in recruiting the right people for the right positions or just for an opinion about design and behavior of the ltd itself, I was there, learning about how quick it is (if you have the right motivation and leadership) to grow a successful and joyful business.

During my time there, I also shaped my skills on everyday problem solving as DreamIT serves Happy ltd and its staff in every IT related issue encountered.


Learning about windows network

Team work skills

Refining my knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript



Unquestionable Games

June 2018 to Present

We are a group of students graduated from the same University who enjoy Games and enjoy even more making them.

We work purely for passion and to spend some good time altogether.
Find some of our projects on the above attached website link.

Additional Information

I have always loved travelling and I have been lucky enough to have the possibility to do so. Visiting different countries and meeting people from literally everywhere in the world allowed me to open my mind to different cultures and assimilate all the beautiful aspects from each and single one of them.